Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Caster ADD, Broken Cameras, Tournament series. The last few months

So I haven't posted in awhile... this is in part to having some issues with my phone camera - hence the garbage quality of my pictures from CaptainCon. I just kinda stopped trying to make it work, so stopped getting material for battle reports. Without battle reports I'd just wind up being someone yelling at a wall. Not that I don't spend a good 15-20 minutes every morning yelling at a wall, what red blooded american doesn't do that? Just, it feels kinda pointless with how much terrain and positioning matters in this game to post about it without pictures.

So, what have I been doing? Fucking too much. I haven't been able to stick to a single caster, after putting Rasheth on the sidelines. That list became a bit too mechanical to run, and was frustrating for opponents in some matchups, so I tabled him. No reason to bring something dull to game night. Apart from that, though...

Caster ADD

Full disclosure - I did actually play Rasheth a little bit in CID just to see if I liked a derp turtle in that list. The answer was... not really, but maybe? Still up in the air on it. On top of that, I've gotten games in with...

Apart from Morghoul1 and Zaadesh2, I haven't really nailed down any lists I like a ton with any of those casters - or even the skeletons thereof. The past few days I've been dojo'ing Hexy1, and took him to my LGS last night for a spin - I still feel like he might be garbage but I want to make him work, even after using Parasite once, and never feating.

So, dear internet, I've decided to let you pick a caster for June. I'll try to get a few games per week in with them, with different strategies. Also, I finally got a new phone, so I'll be posting battle reports! Then, on the 24th I'll bring that caster to a WMW qualifier in Rochester. So, feel free to vote on the Skorne Facebook page.

Tournament Series, and Tournaments

A few of us PG's/TO's in the Southern Tier area of NY were setting up to do a tournament series this spring, which was taking up what I considered the time I'd normally spend going to tournaments, hence my low tournament uptake the last few months as well.

It was a super fun experiment, though, and I'm hoping we continue working towards a more connected community out here in nowhere, NY.

After that, though, I did get in two tournaments. One CID local tournament, where I brought Zaadesh2 with a turtle and... Rasheth Winds. The big takeaway, I think, is that SR 2017 is going to be great for my playstyle. I went 3-0, with the final table involving Zaadesh2 weathering Caine3 9 chargers shooting for 2 turns until I managed to pop him. I made 3 total attack rolls this game, and managed to push him out from the scenario and box him in between irrelevance and the Kill Box until I could get to him with a Soldier.

The next was the Battle for the Keystone, a tournament down in PA that draws people from a decently large area, though this year was pretty small. Gotta say, I played awfully and went 1-3. First game I kept forgetting scenario, even going as far as to not move Rasheth for 3 rounds and forgetting to activate heavies. Second game I lost when I forgot to leach, and had my Hydra frenzy instead of wiping out a field of warbeasts.

Then I got to drop Morghoul1 into Caine3. Bottom of 1 I feated and charged down the field with Swarm up. Krea and Agonizer followed Morghoul. 20/16 vs shooting, chargers are only range 10, can't possibly boost to hit him. Next turn I flung heavies into his lines. Next turn I killed Caine. Good times.

Game 3 I dropped Rasheth into Legion, and decided I wanted to kill an Archangel bottom of 1.
I did. Then I killed almost all of Kallus2s army, leaving him with... a naga and a few solos?

Anyway I forgot about scenario again, and lost it. Am Smrt.

Overall I think I mostly need to remember how SR 2016 works when I'm at those tournaments. I've gotten used to not worrying as heavily about losing on scenario, especially when I wind up way up on attrition.


This wasn't that long. Go read it.

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