Thursday, March 29, 2018

Not Dead Yet vs Long Dead Asthmatics

Got a nice practice game into Gaspy3 with tons of slayers against a player who recently picked up the list. I'd seen it run before, and have been aware of it for awhile, but this was my first game into it. It is... an experience. My opponent going first meant he had to hold back to avoid getting into my charge ranges (edit: I put "with his heavies" here, I think it was just his lights) - between Mobility and the +2" deployment from the theme there is some crazy board presence here. I'll go into the round-by-round, but first, the lists!

Monday, March 26, 2018

Not Dead Yet and the Desert Hobo, Buffalo Team Tournament

So this weekend I wound up hitting the 2nd Annual Buffalo Team Tournament in Buffalo, NY, with 2 of my teammates from the OTC. After the OTC I had started trying out Jalaam, but only managed to get 2-3 games in before I went to London on vacation. Jump forward a few weeks, and I landed back in NY on the 22nd of March, with the tournament looming on the 24th. I'd been planning on pairing Jalaam with Zaal1, because I have a problem with trying to play ADR and also wanted to get some practice in before the SOO (woo Champions!). I knew that I wanted to run Jalaam in Winds, hopefully with something that could function as a counter-shooting list, and since that seemed like it'd make for a decently balanced list (volume of shooting, a few sources of mild-crack), I wanted to pair it with something that could ask it a lot of aggravating questions in its own right. I know Zaadesh2 has been the popular go to for our ADR, but I've always had a soft spot for Zaal1 and couldn't resist trying him out.

Unfortunately, I hadn't played him in over a year - so never in a theme. I did manage to get one game in via Vassal (Thanks to The Unholy Potato in WMH Discord for the game!), and while I got myself killed it made me feel pretty good about my decisions. I'll be going over my games from Saturday, but first... the lists!

Sunday, February 11, 2018

On Even Footing

Hey! Remember me? I post nothing of real value sometimes, in exchange for meaningless validation in the form of page views!

I haven't done that in awhile, though, for a few reasons. I took a step back from participation on forums, Facebook, and posting here when themes finally came out. I was pretty overwhelmed with new options and things I wanted to play, and have been jumping from list to list over and over.  I really didn't want to post a bunch of hot takes on our themes, so I took a few months to play around with them and figure out what I thought. Months later and I'm still not sure where everything stands, overall. The breadth of competitive options is pretty astounding, with really only Mordikaar and Xekaar standing out as duds in our current stable.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

A String of Games all involving theme lists - Tournament Report

Alrighty, yet more of the Fat Man shooting things. Feeling like I've lost the drive to be creative in any way, what with the impending theme dump, I haven't even bothered to change what I have in my bag for the last few weeks. Does seem to be working out for me, though. Having trouble imagining what will come out of the theme dump that will change that half of my pairing, but if something is there then we're going to be in a real good place.

This tournament was down in Waverly, NY - just on the border with Pennsylvania. There was quite the showing, with people from Syracuse, Binghamton, and Ithaca (where I'm from) traveling down to meet up with the guys that play out of Waverly.

For those who have been holding onto hope that themes aren't the end all be all, every one of my game was into a theme list...

Editing note:
Okay. So. Yes, the original title referenced 1- playing into many tier lists, 2- my blogs current title, and 3- a tragic part of history. It has been changed, because holy shit internet, it is totally fine that some people were bothered. And, hey people who were bothered, sorry 'bout that.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Longest Day - Tournament in Bethlehem, PA

Alrighty, I have a few write ups to do, and this is me starting out with the oldest one I can still remember well enough to do this with. This tournament was a 75pt standard SR down in Bethlehem, PA, about 3 hours and 15 minutes from where I live. Ever since I gave up smoking, doing these early tournaments that require a long haul has been kind of brutal on me, and I've generally done pretty frickin' bad. Right now I'm planning on chugging a bunch of energy drinks when I get there, hoping that will simulate being on my previous cocktail of stimulants. As is, though, I got my bags packed the night before, loaded my car, and went to bed early on a Friday night after having a relaxing time hanging out with my cats and watching TV.

I just dropped Rasheth the entire day, as my off-list was more for infantry spam and/or Cryx in general. So... the list!

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

GenCon - Batreps and Afterthoughts on Skorne


In the beginning...
I kinda thought I wouldn't do so great at GenCon. I went into it hoping to dick around with new themes, however, and brought a bunch of models that I didn't end up using. Yes - the Skorne book release was disappointing. I did, however, write my lists at 8:30 am for the first tournament, which started at 9am. This may have been a mistake, but my initial poor showing was definitely not a list issue.

Note: I will be doing battle breakdowns, but I'm going to keep them short. I played 15 or so games, and while I don't have pictures for all of them even the ones I do make this a bit of a slog. I'll go into  afterthoughts on where we stand currently afterwards.