Saturday, July 16, 2016

Mordikaar Vs. Dr. Arkadius: Academic Throw Down

 Battle Report!

Mordikaar Vs Dr. Arkadius:
So initially my Mordikaar list was a bit different, including a cannoneer instead of the legends, Orin, and the second void spirit. Today I saw a list online that used the Legends, though, and figured I'd try them out. Sadly, this meant my plan of running five heavies with Mordikaar would have to be tabled.

For today's game the role of Despoiler will be played by Bluebug. I have had some weird issues with my Despoiler model in the past, with him having spent about 8 months without a base, and now that I finally put him back on one I don't quite know where he went...

War Room Army

Skorne - Kaar Bomb

Theme: No Theme Selected
75 / 75 Army

Void Seer Mordikaar - WB: +29
-    Despoiler - PC: 18 (Battlegroup Points Used: 18)
-    Titan Gladiator - PC: 14 (Battlegroup Points Used: 11)
-    Bronzeback Titan - PC: 18
-    Titan Sentry - PC: 15

Paingiver Bloodrunner Master Tormentor - PC: 4
Void Spirit - PC: 4
Void Spirit - PC: 4
Orin Midwinter, Rogue Inquisitor - PC: 5

Paingiver Beast Handlers - Leader & 3 Grunts: 5
Paingiver Bloodrunners - Leader & 5 Grunts: 9
Legends of Halaak - Valgesh, CIdaar & J'Deth: 8


GENERATED : 07/17/2016 17:43:11
BUILD ID : 2022.16-07-07

Thursday, July 14, 2016

WMW Qualifier Decompression

I'd like to start with a shout out for those who are keeping things positive in the Skorne boards and forums, and elsewhere. There is a lot of doom and gloom, but several people are doing well with the faction (e.g. Paul Leatherby looks like he's going places with Skorne in MK3, and is shaping how I think about my anti-ranged game). There are also the big names in Skorne (Trevor, Watt, and Hornacek) who seem to be finding plenty of positives in the faction.

Now onto the actual post:

Last weekend I went to a WMW qualifier in Rochester, NY, and have been going over it in my head ever since. I wanted to do a post on it, but have been up in the air with my thoughts since then on list tweaking and am finally starting to settle down on my second list. I'll be doing a quick overview of my games, and then discussing my list pairing process afterwards.

The lists I brought:

Sunday, July 10, 2016

What is Skornifest Destiny?

Hey everyone, welcome to the inaugural post of this blogging attempt! I've been posting mini battle reports, my painting, and list building thoughts around various places for awhile, and I figured it was time to condense things into a blog. So first, a little background:

I've only been playing WM/H for about a year and a half, Skorne exclusively, and it has turned into somewhat of an obsession for me. This summer I'm going to be turning things up a notch, hitting GenCon and TempleCon, and trying to be competitive at a wider-scale, after becoming one of the top players in my local meta and doing well with traveling a few hours outside of my small bubble. This blog will include some of my painting work and tips, battle reports, tournament reports, and a bit of theory/philosophy.

And Philosophy is where I'd like to start, with Skornifest Destiny. Manifest Destiny was the idea that the USA should stretch from coast-to-coast, spanning from the Atlantic to the Pacific. Skornifest Destiny, then, is based on building lists that bully the board, taking the mindset during list building that I should be in control, from board edge to board edge. This winds up giving us a very strong scenario game, in my experience, that works incredibly well with our attrition edge (Beast handlers for healing, native ease of healing beasts, a tendency to bring enough meat and armor to be fairly safe when the charging is all done). There are a few parts to this that I'll discuss below: Speed, Threat, Delivery, Durability, and Follow Up.