Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Filthy Casual: Tournament Report

I went to a nearby town for a laid back 1 list steam roller event. Wound up being a 10 man 3 round event, and I had a ton of fun. We're working on bringing the 2 meta's into closer contact, since we're only ~45 minutes apart, and this weekend had 5 people (myself included) make the trip down, and we've had a few of them come up for tournaments as well. I really like the feeling of community this game has to it, and look forward to making more trips to see the guys down there.



Skorne Army - 75 / 75 points

(Hexeris 2) Lord Arbiter Hexeris [+27]
 - Scarab Pack [10]
 - Despoiler [18]
 - Titan Gladiator [14]
 - Aptimus Marketh [6]
Venator Flayer Cannon Crew [5]
Venator Flayer Cannon Crew [5]
Venator Reivers (max) [15]
 - Venator Reiver Officer & Standard [4]
Paingiver Beast Handlers (max) [7]
Extoller Soulward [3]
Hakaar the Destroyer [7]
Void Spirit [4]
Void Spirit [4]


I wanted to have a pretty solid all comers list, with a bit of trickiness in the Void Spirits for scenario presence. Hexy and Marketh and the Venators can all handle lots of troops, or switch to hellfire + CRA for damaging heavier targets. Despoiler is, as always, a free upkeep and heavy hitter. I do have a lot in his list that takes advantage of souls, but it never wound up being much of a problem. Reivers make a great CoA target, giving them a decent chance to survive being engaged and surviving extended melee encounters.

Round 1:
Played vs Kharchev with Conquest, Ruin, Juggernaut, and a bunch of doom reavers. Scenario: 2 zones with objectives in the middle.

Round 1 I ran up into safe-ish positions, and my opponent came on fast. I managed to aim and mow down his doom reavers, clearing all but a few with my guns. My gladiator ran near another one and I popped him with ashes to ashes, killing the reaver. My voids ran up one side and acted as a distraction for some doom reavers that survived.

Opponent opens fire a bit and works to be in a position to contest, and kills my void spirits. His attacks don't make much of a dent into my reivers. I go, and clear out his zone while getting Hakaar in the far corner of it. My gladiator eats a counter charge, then throws the offending jack. Despoiler then charges it and breaks it. Scarabs run to block up the Conquest, and one gets counter charged by Ruin, opening LOS to Kharchev. I run another scarab into range for use as an arc node, and put blackspot on him and hit him with an ashes to ashes to kill some doom reavers, and also feat. I score 2.

Kharchev feats, Ruin clears some scarabs, conquest tramples into my zone and punches things, killing Despoiler. He contests his zone. I pew pew into his jacks with my guns and clear his zone again, going to 3, and I hide. The gladiator punches conquest a bit, and I jam into my zone to keep him from controlling it.

Opponent lacks an assassination, and can't kill Hakaar at range. I go up to 4, then pass the clock to go to 5.

Round 2:
Sturm and Drang beast heavy list with a meat thresher, Rorsch and Brine etc. Scenario: Flags 24" up, objectives on the midline.

Opponent goes first, and runs up a bit defensively. I try to get cheeky, and run Despoiler forward. I feat and try to arc down Rorsch with Ashes to Ashes on Brine. I fail to kill him. My guns pop a few shots into the Arm 21 Meat Thresher. 

Brine eats Despoiler. Sturm TK's the thresher, and it charges my reivers, killing 1 thanks to a void spirit blocking landing zones, and shoots Hakaar to death. A road hog kills my other void spirit. A few more ranged attacks hit the meat thresher, then some spells, then some scarabs, then charging reivers drop it. Gladiator tosses brine back into the road hog, and I take the flag. Void on the other side takes that flag.

Brine frenzies, hits the road hog. A warhog comes in and kills 2 scarabs, primal pig moves up to contest as well. Roadhog charges at one of my flayers, spraying down hexy and the grunt as well. Next turn I put everything I can into the Warhog on the far side and fail to kill it, but I drop Brine and the road hog, and jam up the center to keep myself safe-ish. Marketh with boosted Oblits is proving formidable, as is the Extoller.

And here comes the assassination run... Drang comes out, and the primalpig clears a bunch of my infantry. A warhog charges into a few of my paingivers, but due to some dice whiffs fails to get to Hexy with enough open attacks. Opponent concedes.

Round 3:
Central zone with objectives, flags on the sides.
Playing against Gaspy 3, 2 inflictors, some arcnode, 3 machine wraiths, Satyxis Raiders + Captain, Blood Witches, Steelhead halberdiers, WE&SJ.

Opponent runs up, with CoA on the Raiders. I advance my reivers to just outside of charge range, and run up a scarab for arcing purposes. CoA goes on the reivers, and I arc an ashes down field through the scarab to kill 2 raiders. Voids take up the flanks, flayers are flanking as well. Hakaar hangs out behind the reivers.

Satyxis jam up my raiders and scarabs, opponent positions for a push into the center with WE in the middle sitting under Star Crossed and Inflictors flanking his Satyxis. Marketh walks up and A2A's a reiver in the back, killing it and a Satyxis. Hexy walks up and A2A's a reiver in the back, killing it and 3 raiders. I feat and cast 1 spell I can't remember, probably killing more stuff with Ashes to Ashes, and camp 4. Scarabs try to untangle themselves from 1 Satyxis and fail, needing boosted 9s. Reivers shoot some blood witches, and CRA an inflictor, Flayer finishes it off. Second flayer blows one of the arms off the other inflictor, and my gladiator goes in for the kill, leaving himself open to SJ next turn.

Snapjaw kills the gladiator. A debuff goes up on Despoiler (-2 def and arm). Wrong Eye charges and kills Hakaar. Steelheads charge Despoiler and my objective, killing Despoiler and leaving my objective on 1. No points this turn.

Flayers, reivers and Marketh drop infantry and my opponents arc node, Hexy charges and kills wrong Eye. I clear off the right flag, but Hexy is off to the left, where blood witches are still contesting. I jam more stuff into the zone and hope. Just Gaspy and blood witches on the table.

Gaspy charges in, kills a few things and blood boons a spell that winds up not mattering, and kills my objective. He feats. The witches kill one reiver.  Scarabs and extoller dog pile Gaspy. Marketh and a void run to the far end of the zone, Hexy charges a witch and whiffs.

Gaspy kills a few models, his 3 witches fail to do anything, and he concedes.


Flayer cannons are serious business. I didnt expect them to do so much damage, but they more than earned their points every game. Marketh is also impressive with Hexy2, between hellfire and ashes he has a ton of utility here.

Honestly the only thing in the list that didn't do work was Hakaar, who did grab points game 1 at least. I plan to swap a void for a Dakar in the future, and I think Hakaar will become Hutchuck and a chef to help arm cracking and have the extra body for scenario. 

I didn't quite expect to be so wowed by Hexy 2 in mk3, but he has been fun and interesting every game. I think I'll need to work him into my pairing somehow. Probably with Xerxis1, and Mordikaar in 3 list formats. I've also been pretty tempted to try Zaal1 in mk3, but need to paint him and my AG'S first. Makeda3 is also a very close contender that I'll have to try out at some point.

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