Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Rasheth Wants to Pet the Kitty

So I've been thinking about Rasheth with Ferox a lot lately, because of course I have. I decided to try it with the models I have, though I've impulse bought a second unit... Played into Menoth, one of the jacks below is being proxied, but I'll be damned if I can remember which one is which. The one with the gun isn't the AOE gun, but the single target gun. He's on the right in the pictures...

The List:

Skorne Army - 74 / 75 points

(Rasheth 1) Dominar Rasheth [+28]
 - Titan Gladiator [14]
 - Despoiler [18]
Praetorian Ferox (max) [21]
Paingiver Beast Handlers (min) [5]
Tyrant Rhadeim [9]
Mortitheurge Willbreaker [4]
Paingiver Bloodrunner Master Tormentor [4]
Paingiver Bloodrunner Master Tormentor [4]
Void Spirit [4]
Void Spirit [4]
Paingiver Bloodrunners [9]
Tyrant Commander & Standard Bearer [6]

I went a bit heavy on solos, for scenario play and arcing targets. This did pay off, in the end, helping me secure a scenario win and take out a few key targets. The idea is to bully as much as possible pre-feat, then go in for a massive attrition swing and jam to close out via scenario.

I don't really know Menoth, so I can't guess at what my opponents list was. Plenty of jacks, plenty of sprays, Eiryss, character unit, choir, double wracks.


Round 1:

My opponent runs up. I advance my Ferox, blood runners, and Rhadeim, staying out of threat ranges (Except in one case, oops). Rasheth throws up Carnivore and Castigate, walks forward. Gladiator gets enraged and throws Rasheth close to the front to deny an arc node coming up my left flank. Despoiler runs up to stay near the action. Solos run up the flanks to threaten arc'ing and scenario.

Edit: the gladiator did not get enraged.

Round 2:

My opponent advances up, and keeps his army in a brick to deny me jumps to the back. He sings no spells, shoots a Ferox to death, and awaits my alpha. I put my Kung Pow Chicken away, do my apparition moves and run my MT's deep, getting one close to his back lines and Eiryss. Rasheth goes, walks up a bit, pops feat, castigates, and arcs a BOC into a choir boy standing next to Eiryss. 2 choir go down, damage is boosted into Eiryss and she drops. Rhadeim charges a jack, does his impact and then hits with his spear, doing a ton of damage, then repositions off to the side. Willbreaker gives tough to the Ferox. Rest of the Ferox charge in, focusing on the hurt one and the Hand of Judgement. Both wind up losing most of their systems and being left heavily crippled. A bloodrunner runs up to screw with a jack on the right, and my voids grab the flags.

Round 3:

Choir go and sing battle. One of his jack explodes in a 2" ring, killing another one of his jacks and wiping out 2 Ferox. Another jack goes and beats another Ferox to death. few more swings and I'm down to Rhadeim standing looking pretty. He runs to contest both flags, feats, and sprays down despoiler and Rasheth, then gives another attack to the jack that sprayed Despoiler and Rasheth again. It hurts, but whatever, I have plenty of health. No need to transfer.

I charge the jack on the right with my TyComm, and run the flag up near it. Rasheth hits it with a parasite, and again Castigates. Bloodrunners (handily positioned thanks to apparition) charge it for dice-7, putting more into it. Void spirit walks up and drops it. Rhadeim charges the objective, and leaves it on 3 boxes. What. A. Pimp.

Despoiler gets his mind healed by a PGBH, and gets enraged. He clears the jack off the flag and controls it, popping his animus. WillBreaker runs for the right flag, and I go up to 4. (The gladiator did something to gain fury, animus and walk I think. Not really important).

Taken partly into my opponents next turn. Biggest difference is Rhadeim is dead.

 Round 4:

His character guys wipe out Rhadeim and shoot the TyComm. He runs a jack to contest on the right and hopefully slow down my bloods. Two more jacks run into me on the left to contest/possibly control in a bit. He throws Banishing Ward on his objective.

Blood Runners apparition. I measure a bit, find a spot where I can shoot a guy standing next to the objective with an arced BOC. I run a bloodrunner there, arc the spell, boosting to hit, and boost onto the objective. It goes down, and I go up to 5.


I had a lot of solos, and while useful I feel like having another unit of Ferox would've been better. I could've gotten a second salvo of their attacks off into his heavies, probably taking out a few. I also messed up on my damage rolls, thinking his jacks were 10/20 instead of 10/19, so that might have changed things very slightly. The bloodrunners and MT's were useful, though, and I'm going to leave at least one MT in there. Despoiler, while great, doesn't seem entirely necessary in this list. The Willbreaker and Voids didn't exactly wow me, though one did get a great teleport off, and both did camp flags well, neither was mandatory for that to work out. If I drop to 2x Gladiators, 1X MT, no voids or willbreaker, I can fit a second unit of Ferox in, which work well as both hitters and arc nodes. That will be the next iteration I try, and I think it has potential to make my pairing as a great armor cracking/scenario list. I want it to work with pMakeda, who will go more for attrition/time/scenario, though with a very similar infantry loadout.

Thanks for reading, let me know if you have any suggestions for other changes that would work well in here.

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  1. Sounds like fun. The Rasheth list I've been running is pretty different but I've liked it a lot:
    Max Karax
    Max Beast handlers
    Extoller soulward

    With 2 shield guards I shouldn't get grievous wounded on mammoth, and the handlers are on full time healing duty. Brute can also hold a zone or flag and force opponent to overcommit to free it. Then you just kill everything that can kill the mammoth. Gladiator is there for speed and be the last titan to piece trade. Cracks armor no problem.